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A micro workplace millennial sitcom about social media & sociopaths following a terrible manager, Melissa and her three unpaid interns. 

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Our 5 episode CBC Comedy social series Yoga 101 shines a spotlight on the absurd and comical happenings in every modern, urban yoga studio.  

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Co-dependent besties navigate life behind the scenes of a musical, aspiring to greatness or a speaking role on Suits, whichever comes first. 


A therapist specializing in super hero clients tackles the issues that come with caregiving, attempting to prevent her clients from total burnout.



Supes Legit is an inclusive production shingle serving up comedic films & series. Our aim is to make funny shit while empowering underrepresented & diverse voices in film, television and digital programming. A division of Waterford Valley Pictures.


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Lora Campbell

Lora Campbell is a Canadian Screen Award nominated content creator from Newfoundland, Canada who has been creating award winning projects for over a decade. A graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Producers Lab, their production company Waterford Valley Pictures focuses on exploring stories from underrepresented voices in a multitude of formats including television, documentary, digital and narrative features. Campbell focuses on making sure there is a diversity of voices from script, to screen and in an effort to contribute to creating this community is currently the program facilitator for New Visions- a film training program for youth and elder queers run by the LGBTQ+ film festival Inside Out.

In 2016 Lora dove into the comedy world, producing and directing over one hundred and fifty digital episodes for The Beaverton Digital which garnered them a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Cross Platform Project in 2017. In 2018 they created, directed and produced numerous digital series including #interns (SheDot Film Festival), as well as Yoga 101 and Soul Decision Comedy for CBC Comedy. Soul Decision Comedy went on to be nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Web Series and Best Short Film. Continuing creating digital work Lora directed the proof of concept for the digital series Swings, which was short listed for the Independent Production Fund and also received pilot funding through the TELUS Fund for their digital series Super Care. 

In 2018 Lora was accepted into the WIDC CAM program for their feature film Let’s Do This, which has received Harold Greenberg Development funding, the Fem Script Lab for their television series LatinX, and is working with Hulu on digital content for the television series Holly Hobbie.



Kristy LaPointe

Kristy LaPointe is a writer, actor and comedy person based in Toronto for some reason even though her parents live in sunny southern California. After graduating from theatre school Kristy promptly decided theatre was dead and turned her focus towards auditioning for commercials and starring in cult hit Gilmore Girls-themed improv shows. Her short films include Typecast (Bloody Mary Film Fest), Wings (Suddenly Appearing Pictures), Felt Like Me (Vancouver Miniature Film Fest), and the upcoming Sister Cult. She is the co-writer of the feature film Let’s Do This (Harold Greenberg Fund) and the series Swings. Most recently, she appeared in How To Buy A Baby Season 2 on CBC GEM, and hosting Facebook Live interviews for Save Me (CBC) and The Beaverton (CTV).

Kristy is also the co-creator and writer of several digital series including #interns, Yoga 101, Super Care, and The Totally Normal Cooking Show (Women On Screen Incubator). Kristy performs as 1/2 of the comedy duo Hot Cousin, has written for places like Reductress, She Does The City, Tonic Magazine, HelloGiggles, Thought Catalog, She Knows and acts and stuff.

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Press & News

Oh my, how impressive! 

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“Sister Cult” scores ACTRA YEAA Funding

“Sister Cult” a darkly comedic short film about siblings and the need to belong has been selected by the ACTRA Young Emerging Artists Assembly as one of their 2019 shorts. They are supporting the film financially as well as through a partnership with William F. White Int. The film was written by Adele Dicks & Kristy LaPointe (aka comedy duo Hot Cousin) and will be directed by Lora Campbell. We’re looking forward to shooting next month!

Super Care Release Day

Our short about caregiving, “Super Care” is live on the Stories for Caregivers Facebook and YouTube!

“Let’s Do This” Awarded HGF Support!

Our first feature film, “Let’s Do This” has received funding for the 1st to 2nd Draft script development program at the Harold Greenberg Fund. The screenplay is written by Kristy LaPointe & Chris Vandenberg, and will be produced and directed by Lora Campbell.

Super Care Selected For Telus Fund!

We are delighted to share that our digital pilot “Super Care” has been selected by the Telus Fund for full pilot funding.

Super Care is a high concept comedic series about a therapist who deals in a very particular kind of client and the tools she gives them in order to support their caregiving.

We’ll be shooting this fall and releasing the pilot in January 2019. Stay Tuned!

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#interns now streaming

Our gift to you! #interns is a micro workplace sitcom about social media & sociopaths for millennials which is to say; it’s short, internet-y and about jobs that pay literally nothing. 


Binge the whole series on the #interns facebook page or right here:

Love for Yoga 101 from YogaDork

The fabulous humans over at YogaDork featured Yoga 101 on their site and their compliments made us blush! Thanks for the love, YogaDork. The Yoga community has been extremely receptive of our series and the Toronto Yoga Conference & Show has invited Kristy to takeover their instagram during the conference! 

Yoga 101 CBC Comedy

Yoga 101 launches on cbc Comedy!

Our CBC Comedy social series Yoga 101 is being released in April, with new videos coming out every Monday. We're so grateful for all of the love and positive feedback we've been getting on them so far and can't wait for you to see the full series!

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Swings Shortlisted for IPF 


We are EXTREMELY DELIGHTED to share that Swings has been selected for Phase 2 of the IPF, meaning we made it to the final step of the funding consideration process! Thank you broadway bebes for your support, love, and super nerdy musical theatre references. Every time you share the trailer, leave a comment, send us a message- it makes a massive difference. 



Swings IPF Trailer Press!

Our IPF Trailer for Swings has been featured all over by some amazing publications and companies and we could not be more excited. From theatre titans like Playbill.com and MyBroadwayWorld to digital and television platforms like TV Eh and YouTube Space LA, each feature is a vote of confidence we are incredibly grateful for. 


CSA Nomination!

Lora has been nominated for a 2018 Canadian Screen Award for Best Cross Platform Project on The Beaverton Digital. Kristy assumes it's mostly because of that one time they got Ed The Sock on Facebook Live. 


#interns Streaming soon

Our little baby of a series, #interns is in the final stages of post-production and will be available for your viewing pleasure so so soon. It has also been chosen as a featured selection of the SheDot Short Film Fest in April!


In Development

Let’s Do This

An ensemble buddy comedy where four best friends with student debt looming over their heads attempt the heist of a breakfast television show giveaway despite their total lack of criminal know-how and skill. Written by Kristy LaPointe and Chris Vandenberg

Action Comedy Feature Film, 90 Minutes


Two irrationally optimistic, naive, wannabe stars serve as the understudy’s understudies in a jukebox rock musical, trying to keep their codependent best-friendship unscathed as they aspire to greatness or speaking roles on Suits, whichever comes first. Created by Kristy LaPointe, Christian Smith & Kevin Vidal.

Digital Comedy, 10 x 10 Minute Episodes

The Totally Normal Cooking Show 

Vegan is the new normal. Terrible overnight sensation and the world's worst cooking host Darby Cranderson however, is not. 

Digital Comedy, 8 x 7 Minute Episodes

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