#interns is a micro workplace sitcom about social media & sociopaths for millennials which is to say; it’s short, internet-y and about jobs that pay literally nothing.

Melissa, the marketing manager at D-Lite, a failing flashlight titan has recruited the help of three unpaid interns to help support her brilliant social media campaigns. Unfortunately she knows nothing about social media platforms and spends most of her time dismissing good ideas, intelligent examples and everyone’s feelings, all while believing she is the social media guru that this company deserves, nay, needs. With the help of her much more experienced team she will have to conquer the internet based marking world one platform at a time.

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The Team

Created & Written by Kristy LaPointe, Amanda Carter, and Lora Campbell.

Directed by: Lora Campbell

Starring: Kristy Lapointe, Carley Thorne, Rakhee Morzaria, Carson Pinch, Alexander Saxton and Christine Armstrong

Story Editor: Trevor Poelman

Director of Photography: Teryl Brouillette

Editor: Simone Smith