Episode Outlines

102 Social Isolation (Support)

Single mom Captain Recyclone is feeling increasingly isolated and lonely, often being too busy caring for her daughter and doing her work on building or maintaining friendships. Dr. Celeste helps her realize she deserves community.

103 Unrealistic Expectations (Setting realistic goals & self forgiveness)

Dr. Celeste helps hero Natch Disaster reframe her situation and build more realistic expectations. Because of her power to harness weather, she’s used to being able to control and fix every negative situation leading to extreme frustration and wanting to control and fix every aspect of her spouse’s condition.

104 Depression (Targeted treatment)

Super Sashay is a ass-kicking drag queen by night, loving caregiver to his grandmother suffering from Dementia by day. Once full of life, vibrant and energetic, Super Sashay is showing symptoms of depression. Dr. Celeste offers some suggestions and comfort.

105 Stress (Meditation)

A time-traveling superhero, The Atomic Clockmaker bounces between different timelines, helping as a caregiver to several families in several different decades.  All of this bouncing leaves the AC feeling overwhelmed and ungrounded. Dr. Celeste suggests an easy and achievable meditation practice as treatment.

106 Role Confusion (Delegating Responsibilities & Communication)

These super healthy hero siblings are dedicated to keeping the citizens healthy, but have started to clash when it comes to the care of their father living with Alzheimer’s. Dr.Celeste discusses role confusion with them and helps set up boundaries and more established roles as co-caregivers.

107 Loss Of Identity (Learning to let go)

As the strongest hero in the entire metropolis, Mighty Marie can lift a couch over her head or singlehandedly stop a freight train from derailing without a second thought. But after years of putting her cape aside while caregiving for her sister through a few rounds of cancer, she is having an extremely hard time grappling with the fact that her sister will die soon and her identity as a caregiver will be gone. Dr. Celeste helps Marie work through these complicated emotions.

108 Group Therapy (Building Community)

In our season one finale, Dr.Celeste decides to bring together a number of her clients in a group therapy session to offer support and community.