YOGA 101

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A CBC Comedy social series about the ridiculousness of the modern, urban yoga studio. 

Over the course of the five episodes we follow Juniper in her home studio and all of the antics that surround it. 

Watch the full series right here:

Mat Spots

How many mat spots are you allowed to save? Featuring: Kristy LaPointe, Adele Dicks, Hisham Kelati

Taking Up Space

Meet the ultimate yoga bro. Featuring: Peter DeCourcy, Gillian Bartolucci, Tiffany Kwan

Late For Class

Once the instructor begins the class we cannot allow anyone else to enter the practice room. Featuring: Kristy LaPointe, Kara Harun, Tiffany Kwan

Affirmations & Mantras

A terrible meditation teacher attempts to thrust breakthroughs upon her students. Featuring: Kristy LaPointe, Emily Richardson, Noor Dhanda, Ian Goff


A new student faces off against two very enthusiastic front desk workers.

Featuring: Kristy LaPointe, Naima Sundiata, Gillian Bartolucci, Tameka Griffiths.

The Team



Created & Written by Kristy LaPointe & Lora Campbell

Directed by: Lora Campbell

Starring: Kristy Lapointe, Emily Richardson, Kara Harun, Naima Sundiata, Tameka Griffiths, Ian Goff, Noor Dhanda, Peter DeCourcy, Adele Dicks, Hisham Kelati, and Tiffany Kwan

Story Editors: Jennifer McAuliffe, Amanda Carter, Rakhee Morzaria

Director of Photography: Gayle Ye

Editor: Simone Smith

Production Designer: Jessica Whyte